nologin code
Name  Description Download
ipblocks  IP subnet parsing and enumeration Download
libdasm  simple x86 disassembly library Download
libsgml  SGML parsing library Download
scanapi  Generic scanning interface Download

Name  Description Download
elfcmp  ELF binary to memory comparison tool Download
elfsign  ELF binary signer and verifier Download
libmelf  ELF manipulation library Download
straylight  ELF binary analysis utility Download
xmlstack  ELF binary callstack mapper Download

Exploitation Tools
Name  Description Download
encode  ASCII shellcode encoder Download
gdbitch  Shellcode validation utility Download
stackpush  Generates assembly for pushing strings onto the stack Download
tad  take a dump - converts objdump disassemblies into an opcode string usable in C. Download

Name  Description Download
Debug Stalk  Kernel debug plug-in Download
fdmap  fdmap, mmap complement system call Download
md5verify  ELF binary execution integrity monitoring package Download

Name  Description Download
AgeMessageSnarf  Displays all Age of Empires 2 game messages, even those not for you Download
blastoff  MS Blaster Worm Removal Tool Download
Envoy  A personal firewall for Linux Download
hashbash  hash offline dictionary attack Download
pedmp  dump PE image from memory to disk Download

Name  Description Download
file2pcap 1.0  Creates a pcap from an input file where that file is downloaded from the web or transferred by email Download
fragcomp  Fragmented packet compiler Download
fuzzball2 v0.72  TCP/IP options fuzzer Download
jc-wepcrack  distributed wep cracker Download
massresolve  Tool to resolve a class c network to hostnames Download
pest  pest provides a tcp tunnel over a proxy Download
Poison 1.5.41  A fast, asynchronous syn and udp scanner Download
rst-client  client for the rst trojan Download
shadowmac  a patch to forge mac addr's on OSX Download
snifscan  Asynchronous scanner Download

Name  Description Download
tcpdump  Lowers privileges while sniffing with tcpdump Download

Proof of Concept
Name  Description Download
arpredirect  This program will send out arp "who-has" messages Download
augustiner  DoS - freezing Win98; DoS'ing Zonealarm Download
burnsWhenIPee  Symantec/Kerio Firewall DoS Download
cifskill  Walling the network neighborhood Download
hidethread  Injects a thread into a running process Download
injector  This program will inject payload_data[] into a target by sniffing a connection Download
netstat  netstat.exe replica with extra features Download

Vulnerability Assessment
Name  Description Download
envfuzz  Environment variable fuzzer Download
memgrep  Search, replace, and dump process/core memory Download